About Us

Worth of Its Value


Through the local goods in the simplest trend mode, we intend to motivate and enhance the creativity of Indonesians. As we see many international brands are used to be the first choice of every women and men buyers, we would like to prove by believing that Zilia Leather could produce a local brand with worldwide’s quality, to support our country in building the fashion brand. It does not end there, as Zilia has gone further to neighboring countries for worldwide purchasing since 2015.

Certified leather imported from: Italy, Denmark & Poland


We craft our products for people who have exquisite taste and enjoy wearing and appreciate things of beauty. Timeless life investment in a beauty, that is. Products made last a life-time quality, from selected and superior European – Japan materials, which will get more and more comfort and softness while uses.


Nicely designed products were often not functional and functional products would not look nice. Zilia’s specialty is in their bags for women and men, made by the genuine leather base material comes with its new value. A new creation for people that need everything has to have its place neatly and organized, where everything can be found in an instant. Space for today’s gadgets, like, laptops, cables, mobile phones, tablets etc.


People know their own value and prefer the worth of elegance. Who want worth of the money, yet do not want to see other people, who don’t share the same values, walking around with the same products.


Committing to inspire people to worth themselves as leather’s addict enthusiasts. By two hands full of genuine leather’s making, we prefer the authentic man-made process. Each goods made by professional handcrafted and well-trained specialist laborer in leathery arts. Owned a home-industry specialize in leather goods, full with professionals hand-man-made with every touch of making.

Zilia Leather has flown over to the next countries to go worldwide in progress. Keep on improving new models without leaving the main core, boasts on projects have been released within less than a year since 2015 till now.


Shelli Tanzilia, our founder started running a leather-goods manufacture in 2015, nine-months after her graduation from degree Bachelor of Art. She studied abroad to learnt experiences from the foreigner country, to watch how people live their life out there with a culture, understand people’s interest and learn their behavior.


Men and women, tent to desire what people labeled with luxury branded goods. Thinking that beautiful goods cant just be found only in foreign country. Knowing Indonesia is beautiful, the biggest Asian country with various arts and culture source, lot of hidden art such as wood carver, woven art and leather art.


This created the idea of owning an authentic leather art goods. Within 9 months of exploring and get to know deeper about leather, searching for the best material quality, built her team and trained the craftsmanship. Originally, it is a calfskin man handmade intervention by professionals, challenged with details beyond patience.


Taken from the best leather quality from Europe (Italy & Denmark) and best zipper accessories from YKK (Japan) is Shelli’s first choice. A good quality materials and workmanship, is the only way to equate as the same very expensive brands in the market.


That is why Shelli never gave up the idea to create what she could never find available, functional leather-goods in a timeless design, built to last with real value for money that will be worn specially by people who appreciate the quality of each of the materials used and who prefer a certain understatement.